Austy’s is a locally owned independent bookstore serving Washington County, Indiana, since 2017. We are available for private boutique shopping and mobile events, and offer a diverse general selection of adult, young adult, and children’s books, plus artisan foods, and crafts. Our bookstore is a family run business, woman veteran owned, and welcoming to all who choose to support our mission!

Austy’s namesakes! Owner Dusty and son Austin



Dusty Baker holds a Master’s in Liberal Studies and is a professionally trained chef. She is a writer and teacher, and has traveled extensively. Dusty serves as owner and curator for Austy’s. She loves reading general literary novels and classics.

Austin Adamson is a homeschooled high school student. He enjoys computer sciences, gaming, and traveling. Austin’s go-to books are technical manuals and computer age sci-fi related novels.

Bookstore Dog, Lilikoi (Lili)



Lili (lee-lee) is Austy’s friendly bookstore dog. She is five-years-old and loves people, but especially children!

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