Banned Books Week 2017

Banned Books Week has come and gone.  (It’s okay to be sad!)  We enjoyed sharing the week with you, and learning about how you came to know your favorite Banned Books.

Congratulations to Our 2017 Banned Books Week Winners!

Austy’s “I Read Banned Books” T-shirts

John Allen, On the Road

Addy Arney, Bridge to Terabithia

Shana Arney, Misery

Autumn Hall, Grimms’ Fairy Tales

Austy’s $5 Gift Card

Angel Bryant, Go Ask Alice

Betty Chanley, Yertle the Turtle

Alyssa Hammack, Dracula

Samantha Ries, Harry Potter

Marla Rutherford, To Kill a Mockingbird

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Secret wallpaper?

Tonight I steamed a section of the pre-WWII wallpaper so that I could reveal more of the Paris scene century wallpaper.  Instead, what happened was the 1st layer separated from a secret second layer!  The second layer is very thin and similar to the century so I’m guessing that it is also very old.  So far I’ve revealed a more country motif with houses, horses, and a blacksmith shop.  (I’ll be visiting the county historian again this week!)  

So many secrets behind (and on) these walls!

2nd Layer, Between Century and Pre-WWII

3rd Layer, Century Paris Scene
1st Layer, Pre-WWII
Reveal section of all 3 layers